Many public sector services find it particularly beneficial to utilise a property service partner, such as Axis, to take care of their property maintenance needs.

Government and local authorities are required to ensure that their premises comply with building and health and safety regulations. Property maintenance plays a key role in ensuring that public sector buildings remain safe, functional and comfortable for both public sector employees as well as the general public.

Implementing regular and planned property maintenance is a cost-effective approach to managing a public building’s everyday wear and tear, whilst keeping on top of surveying requirements and regulatory requirements. A property that is well maintained oppertates far more sustainably and is considered more environmentally friendly.

The nature of the work involved in maintaining a property often requires the need to source skilled and qualified tradespeople for a variety of mechanical, electrical, gas, plumbing and decorating demands. A property maintenance service provider can manage the supply of contractors and partners, thus reducing the workload of public service workers.