In facilities and property service management, an M&E contractor is a specialist organisation that manages the design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems within a property.

Axis is an example of an M&E contractor. We have a broad team of experienced and qualified M&E engineers on hand to provide both planned maintenance as well as emergency repairs across a vast range of systems. We also work with clients to install new systems or upgrade their existing M&E installations.

As an M&E contractor, it’s our job to ensure that our client’s properties are operating as efficiently as possible whilst ensuring that M&E systems continue to function safely and effectively with minimum disruption to residents or property occupants. To do this, we provide a preventative maintenance service to uncover faults and potential breakdown issues. We also carry out emergency repairs and reactive responses to reduce system downtime and rectify issues as and when required.

We value our environment and focus on implementing the most sustainable practices throughout our services. As an experienced and innovative contractor, we’re helping our clients to seek out and install M&E systems that support efforts to reduce their overall energy consumption and carbon footprint, whilst preparing clients for future legislation changes surrounding emissions.