There are many benefits associated with partnering with a trusted M&E contractor, such as Axis.

Benefits include:

Building safety

Legislation surrounding M&E safety compliance is often complex and ever-changing. However, it’s essential that property owners are doing everything they can to abide by regulations to keep residents and occupants safe. One of the most significant benefits of hiring an M&E contractor is that we’ll take care of this for you.

From installation, maintenance and repair services, to compliance checks and scheduled testing, our team of qualified and experienced engineers are available around the clock to ensure that safety standards and required legislation are being met. This is so important to reduce any health, safety and fire risks associated with M&E systems.

Reducing downtime

Naturally, all M&E systems have some sort form of expected end-of-life date. This can be prompted by continual use, wear and tear, component breakdown or damage. An M&E contractor works to monitor the performance and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems – spotting faults, wear and tear or errors that could be problematic in the future. This means that systems, or parts of systems, can be repaired or replaced before a breakdown occurs, helping to avoid any disruption to a property’s residents or occupants.


An M&E contractor will offer maintenance support services, which is essential for ensuring that systems are operating at maximum efficiency. Here at Axis, we help our clients to seek the most efficient and sustainable mechanical and electrical systems, that not only are more environmentally friendly but operate far more efficiently and at a lower cost.