1st March 2023

Round up of National Apprenticeship Week 2023

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National Apprenticeship Week Events

From 6th-12th February we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), an opportunity to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy. We were lucky enough to attend 10 events to promote Axis’ apprenticeship programme and our current vacancies which you can view here. Read on to find out more!

Career Talk, South Essex College (Thurrock Campus)

Facilitated by David Leonard, Apprentice Master and James Gillingham, Apprentice Multitrader

We gave a 40-minute talk to 60 construction students which involved James giving his ups and downs of being an Apprentice. We had some good questions from the floor, and I think we did well at promoting Axis’ apprenticeship programme. The lecturers appeared to be pleased with us by giving our chat so precise and without favour – David

Apprenticeship Careers Fair, Carshalton College

Attended by David Leonard, Apprentice Master and Vera O’Driscoll, Community Investment Coordinator

It was great to see so many young people engaged in their future and wanting to know more about what we have to offer. We had around 20 students leave their details with us, so hopefully we will have some good outcomes! – Vera

Apprentice Showcase, Croydon College

Attended by David Leonard, Apprentice Master and Vera O’Driscoll, Community Investment Coordinator

We had around 30 people come and speak to us about our apprenticeship programme and there was a lot of interest in them. There were quite a few parents with their children, so it was nice to see they are supporting apprenticeships and encouraging their children to get out into the working world and learn while they do it! – David

Apprenticeship Careers Fair, Westminster University (Marylebone Campus)

Attended by Walter Shave, Senior Project Manager and Kellie Turner, Head of Community Investment

This was a great opportunity to promote our degree-level apprenticeships, specifically the Trainee Surveyor and Construction Site Manager roles. Wally is very keen to hire the latter in his team, so it was a great way for him to meet potential candidates and talk through the role – Kellie

Careers Fair, Stratford Job Centre

Attended by Maria Northwood, Business Support Director, Marc Jeffrey, Painting Director and Oliver Refson, Head of Sustainability

Since we have a job centre right next door to our Head Office in Stratford they invited us to go along to their careers fair to promote our apprenticeships. It was a good turn out and a mixture of different industries there – Ollie

T Level Talk, Axis Head Office

Facilitated by Hannah Potter, National Apprenticeship Service

In the middle of the week Hannah Potter from the National Apprenticeship Service joined us to talk about T Levels, a new qualification for students aged 16 to 19 in England who’ve finished GCSEs. They’re an alternative to A levels and apprenticeships, giving young people the technical and practical skills needed to be an asset in the workplace. T Levels combine classroom learning with a substantial industry placement. We are looking at T Levels as another pathway for us to attract the younger generation into the construction industry. Interested? Find out more here.

Brentwood Jobs Fair, The Nightingale Centre

Attended by Victoria Basham, Head of HR and Chloe Claridad, HR Administrator

It was my first time attending a jobs fair. Overall it was a great experience to see how we can help as a company with people’s career journeys and explain what different paths there are that people can take – Chloe

Newham Apprenticeship Fair, Our Newham

Attended by David Leonard, Apprentice Master and Ellie Pallet, Trainee Administrator

The event was a great experience and it was lovely to see all the school pupils interested in thinking about starting their career in the construction industry. Roughly 600 people showed up on the day and we had 83 people come and talk to us about our vacancies and what it’s like to work for Axis. I had a great day taking part – Ellie

UCEM Built Environment Apprenticeship Awards, Westminster

Attended by Stefanos Panayiotou and Nuh Ali, Trainee Surveyors

As students at UCEM, me and Stef were invited to the UCEM awards event to celebrate the hard work of all the students and the impact it has had on the construction industry. It was a great night and nice to be able to network with some of the other students – Nuh

Career Talk, Barnet & Southgate College (Colindale Campus)

Facilitated by James Hedges, Apprentice Gas Engineer

I was asked by my college to be one of the faces for apprenticeships and help to promote the value of apprenticeships during NAW. The day was very fulfilling and fun. I got to pass a positive message on and explain my experience with Axis Europe which I cannot commend enough! – James


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