Financial Institution
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Canary Wharf, London

We delivered a £1.7million project for the removal of a UPS system across a 20-week duration

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  • Office interiors

  • 16 offices and 240 trading positions

  • 24-hour working to suit business needs

  • Structural alterations

  • Mock decoration effects

  • Uninterruptible power supply system removal

Project Details

Axis successfully completed a UPS removal project at a financial institution in Canary Wharf. As part of our brief, we created 34 new trading desk positions at our client’s high-rise office. Our commercial team also removed their redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. We delivered this £1.7million contract to the highest standard. 

Our scope of works began by making structural alterations within the space. We installed mechanical and electrical elements and moved on to providing the painting and decorative works. This allowed our team to supply essential fabric maintenance services.  

After a larger UPS system was established elsewhere in the building, we were awarded the role of Principal Contractor to remove the original facility. Our team worked within the middle of the bank’s busy 24-hour trading floor where the original equipment had been situated. It was encased in concrete block walls (built to withstand a bomb blast).

Project Challenges

One of our main project challenges was to limit the effect on day-to-day business proceedings. Our commercial division condensed the schedule of works into a 20-week programme that operated on a 24-hour basis. 

We also undertook any work that was thought to be disruptive between 9pm and 5am, when the office space was mostly passive. In addition to this, we fully enveloped the working area with mock decoration to give the site an external appearance of a permanent corridor and office walls.  

On completion of the work, we removed the hoarding and relocated the 16 offices and 240 trading positions over the weekend. Because of this, employees could return to their ready-to-work station, in a different location, on Monday morning. There was no disruption to their working day. 

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