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Axis has been delivering a successful eight-year contract for responsive repairs and void property repairs

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  • 130,000 responsive repairs

  • Call centre processing

  • Reinstatement of 2006 void units

  • 47,574 gas repairs

  • 34,729 gas servicing appointments

  • 2014-2022 + extensions

Project Details

Croydon Council awarded Axis an eight-year (4+4) responsive repairs and void property repairs contract in 2014, with the opportunity of two consecutive four-year contract extensions. We will deliver more than 40,000 repairs each year to their tenants and leaseholders.

Over 16,000 social housing properties across the Council’s borough are covered in the property services agreement. As part of the agreement, we will have covered over 15,000 gas breakdown repairs and 10,000 gas servicing appointments annually.

The Council’s tender invited bids from contractors who could demonstrate experience and skill on a number of points. We provided evidence for our experience in improving customer service, efficiency, value for money, and void turnaround times.

Axis is managing the repairs contact centre, which takes resident repair calls 24 hours a day seven days a week. Here, we take more than 100,000 calls each year. Void property repairs work includes full kitchen and bathroom replacements. As part of the mobilisation, we purchased 57 new vans, (TUPE) transferred 100 staff members, integrated the Council’s and our own IT systems, alongside refurbishing a 1000m2 office ready to house the dedicated Croydon Council contact centre team.

Based on our performance, the contract can be extended by the Council for a further eight years, in two four-year increments. The criteria will also create savings of £2m per year that the Council can reinvest in its housing stock. In addition to meeting the stated criteria, Axis has also committed to significantly contribute toward the Council’s community initiatives’ programme. The programme aims at employing new apprentices each year, recruiting locally, accommodating work placements and providing volunteers for community causes.

Axis has committed to significantly contributing toward the Council’s community initiatives’ programme

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