10th July 2023

Volunteers from Axis and WCC Unite to Transform Hallfield Estate

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At Axis, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. In line with this ongoing commitment, we proudly partnered with Westminster City Council for an inspiring railings project on Hallfield Estate. This initiative, which spanned two weeks from the week commencing June 26th, brought together the dedicated efforts of Axis volunteers and WCC members, resulting in a renewed and vibrant appearance for the estate.

Guided by Michael Burke, our Apprentice Mentor, the project united individuals from diverse backgrounds, all driven by the shared goal of creating a better environment. A remarkable total of 725 hours were generously contributed by our volunteers to transform Hallfield Estate into a thriving and welcoming space!

Reflecting on the experience, Vaniche Sweeney, our Resident Liaison Officer, expressed, “It went very well. It was very nice to have input into the development of the community. I had the opportunity to interact with residents who stopped to speak with me and asked why I was doing the painting. I expressed to them that we were here to give back to the community and how happy I was to do so.”

Speaking about the overall experience, Sweeney added, ‘I always find it refreshing giving back and gained experience in painting. It was amazing.’

Beyond our enthusiastic volunteers, two work experience students took part. These students, participating as part of Axis’s apprentice recruitment programme, completed their work experience and are aspiring to join Axis as Apprentice Painters in September. This endeavour showcased our commitment to providing meaningful opportunities for skill development within our community.

Our partnership with Westminster Children’s University added an enriching dimension to the project. Engaging students from Hallfield Primary School in an environmental-themed art competition highlighted the creativity of these young minds. The winning artwork from the competition will soon grace the newly painted railings, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship and celebrating the artistic talents within our community.

Experience the Transformation:

View captivating snapshots of our  journey at Hallfield Estate: CSR Hallfield Estate | Volunteering redecoration | Flickr

Witness the Change Unfold:

Join us in revisiting the transformation process through our video: Hallfield Estate – Volunteering redecoration – YouTube

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