18th September 2023

Westminster Children’s University Receives £8,800 Donation

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This summer, Westminster Children’s University received a substantial £8,800 donation from us to support a diverse range of workshops and initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of young learners during the summer holidays. The donation facilitated a series of transformative experiences for the children of Westminster, allowing them to explore new horizons and engage in enriching activities they might not have otherwise had access to.

The donation had a profound impact on the lives of many young students, contributing to various projects and initiatives that left lasting impressions. Here are some of the remarkable initiatives supported by our contribution:

  1. Residential Adventure on the Isle of Wight: 32 individual students embarked on a residential trip to Isle of Wight. These year 6 students enjoyed a fun-filled adventure, and their gratitude was evident in their words. One student said, “Thank you for making our residential trip, and we really appreciate your generosity. We had a fun time at the residential!”
  1. Beach Day Trip Creates Lifelong Memories: 40 young children, aged 1 to 2, experienced their first-ever beach day trip, venturing beyond their local neighbourhoods. This out-of-London excursion was a cherished opportunity for these kids to explore, learn, and celebrate together.
  1. Artistic Endeavours and Textile Sessions: The donation also enabled the provision of textile sessions and art resources to four schools: QPP, Hallfield, St. Joseph’s, and St. Mary of the Angels. Pupils had the chance to explore various fabrics and engage in creative textile sessions, fostering invaluable skills. The resulting artwork left students “speechless,” and they delighted in finding their contributions within the masterpiece, reflecting on the messages conveyed by each panel.
  1. Growing Together Project: Three Tri-Borough schools received Decoupage Trees for the Growing Together Project, benefitting 100 individual children. This initiative helped foster a sense of unity and environmental stewardship among young minds.
  1. Art at Hallfield: Hermione Wood’s extension sessions at Hallfield empowered students and instilled a love for art. Participants expressed their enthusiasm, with one student saying, “I really enjoyed doing art and learned how to do several things like sewing.” Another exclaimed, “I loved the club; it made me so confident with art!”
  1. BT Site: 120 regular individual visitors enjoyed the well-maintained trees at the BT site, thanks to our funding and ongoing support. The project ensured that all trees were tended to and trimmed, creating a safe and beautiful environment.
  1. WCU Holiday Club Activities: By running the WCU Holiday Club in the summer of 2023, 32 individual children benefited from extracurricular activities promoting health and wellbeing.

Westminster Children’s University continues to make a profound impact on the lives of children in the community. To learn more about Westminster Children’s University and their mission, visit their website at Home | Westminster Children’s University (westminsterchildrensuniversity.co.uk)

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