15th November 2023

We’ve bin recycling, have you?

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Recycling is a fundamental component of environmental conservation and reducing our carbon footprint. It not only helps us reduce the amount of waste in landfills, but conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption and minimises pollution. According to DEFRA, 48.7% of waste is recycled in the UK.

Recycle Week was launched in the United Kingdom by an organisation called Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) in 2004. This year Recycle Week is celebrating its 20th anniversary and the theme is ‘The Big Recycling Hunt’ meaning it focuses on missed capture: the items that can be recycled but are commonly missed in the home.

To celebrate recycle week we conducted several projects to help with the disposal of materials in the areas we work in.

Resident Skip Days

During recycle week we completed four community resident skip days with clients.

  • Estuary Housing Association – 18th October
  • H&F Council – 18th October
  • Southern Housing – 25th October
  • Westminster – 23rd October

Vape Disposal

We have installed a vape bin in the Stratford smoking area to dispose of your disposable vapes and e-cigarettes.

Please place them in the new pink bin to responsibly dispose of vapes by protecting the environment, reducing waste going to landfills and avoiding contamination risk.

Unfortunately, 23 tonnes of lithium in single-use vapes thrown away every year could power 2,884 electric vehicles.

Donating IT Equipment

We donated a laser jet printer to a local school called St Paul’s Primary School in Walworth. The piece of equipment has been given a new lease of life and will be reused well! The School’s Education Partner said, “Thank you so much for this kind donation”.

We used an organisation called ‘Business 2 Schools’, which helps link businesses to schools that need IT equipment.

Additionally, two of our employees donated laptops from the Oldbury office to an organisation called REPC Ltd, which specialises in repurposing IT equipment. They will repair and reuse the equipment within the Sandwell community and recycle any equipment that is beyond repair.

Recycle Week serves as a reminder that every small effort counts when it comes to protecting our planet. By making recycling a part of our daily lives and adopting more sustainable habits, we can collectively make a significant impact on the environment we work in. Thank you to everyone who took part in Recycle Week 2023.

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