9th November 2023

Cyclical Refurbishment & Roof Works programme for L&Q at Morat Street

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Axis is well on schedule with a Cyclical Refurbishment & Roof Works programme at Morat Street in Stockwell, London SW9.

We commenced a Cyclical Refurbishment & Roof Works project for L&Q in July 2023 and we are aiming to complete in March 2024. The contract is valued at £5.5m, is part of our Major Works Investment Programme with L&Q and improves the safety, comfort and environmental performance of residents’ homes.

Fully occupied during the works, the properties comprise 47 Victorian terraced blocks containing 147 individual apartments.

Care of Residents

In all our programmes, Axis prioritises the welfare of our residents. Morat Street is home to vulnerable general needs residents and we have taken great care to keep them fully informed before and during the works so as to minimise concerns and disruption to their lives.

We hand delivered introductory letters to each resident in their home. We have an office on site for drop in visitors and arrange face to face meetings here and at residents’ homes at their convenience. Additionally, we communicate via regular newsletters, text messaging service and phone calls as well as hand-delivered letters.

Full scope of works at Morat Street comprises:

  • Erecting scaffolding
  • Asbestos surveys and safe removal
  • Replacing old windows with new double glazed sash windows
  • Removing and reinstating all rear doors to all properties
  • Renewing all internal communal doors to all properties
  • Renewing old Front Entrance Doors (FEDs) and replacing them with fire safe doors to each flat
  • Removing old flat roof and reinstating new flat roofs
  • Replacing all pitched and Mansard roofs
  • Replacing all Velux windows
  • Replacing all skyline windows on landings and communal areas
  • Replacing loft insulation to meet current building regulations
  • Removing all asbestos tiles from roof all roofs
  • Fitting new kitchens and bathrooms to 15 flats
  • Replacing all fascias, soffits, guttering (FSG) and downpipes to all properties
  • Communal doors replacements
  • Painting and decorating all communal areas
  • Painting externally to window seals and above doors
  • Retrofit works
  • Seals and ventilation

Energy Efficiency Measures

After conducting air tightness testing and 3D scanning to show the energy efficiency of the properties, our Retrofit works include installing HDSF seals and Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (DMEV) extractor fans to meet current building regulations: these stay on constantly, going into boost mode when lights are switched on so helping reduce condensation and any resulting damp and mould. Along with our windows, door and insulation works, they will improve the energy efficiency of the properties.

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